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Vision AND strategy

As the largest Nordic hotel company, Scandic has the power to drive transformation and inspire change at scale. The possibilities to live a good life are deteriorating every day. Climate change is already hitting hard, affecting some more than others. The planet does not need us – we need the planet. Scandic aims to continue to show the Nordic hotel industry the way when it comes to sustainability.

Sustainability leader

We want to lead our company and the entire industry toward more sustainable operations. Failure to act will result in enormous negative consequences. But there are endless possibilities for change, even if it may take time. If we are serious, we need to invest well, aim high and remain committed for the long haul.

All of Scandic’s stakeholders expect us to invest in sustainability. Not only that, more conscious consumers and business travelers are choosing hotels based on sustainability. We will lose out if we do not live up to stakeholders’ demands, for example, for plant-based food, smart food waste management and initiatives to address climate change. Travel managers are also increasingly interested in sustainability. And Scandic’s team members and prospective employees expect and are willing to contribute to sustainability initiatives.

Costs are also a driving force. For us, a great part of sustainability relates to consumption and resource use, e.g. food and beverages, energy, water and chemicals. Using fewer resources is better for the environment and lowers costs for Scandic.

Strategy for sustainable business

Sustainability is a natural part of what we do every day at every hotel. To succeed in our efforts, engaging our 19,000 team members is essential, from reception to housekeeping and our restaurants.

Our vision is to deliver world-class Nordic hotel experiences at hotels that are the most sustainable places to meet, eat and sleep away from home.

Our strategy for sustainable business focuses on three areas:

1. MEET – Health, diversity and inclusion

2. EAT – Food & beverage

3. SLEEP – Rooms and interiors

We also work to ensure that we operate sustainably and that Scandic is a responsible partner in society.

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