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Eat - Food and beverage

Scandic has high ambitions for the food and drinks served at its hotels. Because Scandic is certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we comply with a number of important restrictions related to the origin of the foods we serve.

For example, we do not serve red-listed fish species, food that contains GMOs or bottled water. Instead, we choose sustainably sourced fish and seafood and strive to serve organic, locally produced food and plant-based options. We also measure food waste carefully.

European Chicken Commitment

At Scandic Hotels, we stand behind the European Chicken Commitment (ECC) as part of our initiatives for better animal welfare. This means we will strive to ensure that 100 percent of the chicken we buy complies with ECC criteria by 2026 at the latest. In Sweden and Denmark, Scandic will go further and ensure that at least 20 percent of the chicken meat we serve comes from animals on free-range farms.

Read more about ECC here: https://welfarecommitments.com/europeletter/

Cage egg policy

Scandic only accept cage-free eggs for all eggs, – shell eggs, liquid eggs and egg as an ingredient

Plant-based food

Scandic’s goal is to increase the share of plant-based food it serves, both for the sake of guests and the environment. Initially, we aim to increase the share by 2 percentage points per year with the goal to serve food that is 60 percent plant-based by 2025. We will then evaluate our progress to set new goals for 2030.

We encourage guests to eat less meat and more plant-based meals, among other things, by offering tasty plant-based dishes. To this aim, currently, each Scandic restaurant must offer at least one vegetarian or vegan dish.

Focusing on plant-based food at Scandic requires a boost in internal knowledge. In Sweden, for example, Scandic now has a digital training course for chefs and other restaurant staff. Naturally, plant-based dishes need to be appealing enough so that even guests who are not vegetarian or vegan should want to choose meatless options.

Organic food

We expect that the share of organic food will increase thanks to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s new stricter requirements. In addition, customers are increasingly demanding certified organic food.

We have a policy for food waste, and we collaborate with organizations such as Karma, Too Good To Go and ResQ in order to reduce the food we waste.

Next steps

Offering more plant-based food and reducing food waste is high on the agenda.