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Sleep - rooms & interior

Rooms at Scandic aren’t just stylish and comfortable, they’re also designed with sustainability in mind. We’re working to increase the share of interior design elements with a circular design thinking and a long life for a more sustainable room experience.

Rooms at Scandic’s hotels are usually renovated every 15 years on average, and the goal is for interiors to last even longer, so they can be used elsewhere. We prioritize recycled and reusable materials and furniture as well as ecolabeled furnitures and products (e.g. beds and TVs) when building and renovating.

Sustainability requirements for suppliers

We have clear sustainability requirements for our suppliers that we update continuously in order for them to comply with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria. In order to promote progress throughout the whole industry, we have made them publicly available.

Climate strategy for suppliers

We also have a climate strategy for suppliers that set requirements for transparent emissions reporting. The plan going forward is to set further requirements for science-based goals, emission reductions and fossil-free and renewable energy.

Next steps

In the coming years, we will:

  1. Revise room concepts (the way we decorate standard rooms) to bring them in line with  accepted circular principles.
  2. Revise processes so that each hotel project (new construction) has a clear sustainability  profile, including new brand launches.
  3. Create maximum transparency for beds and linens when it comes to environmental and working conditions along the product’s journey from raw materials to rooms.
  4. Challenge ourselves and our suppliers to find more durable materials than cotton for bed linens and towels.
  5. Begin working with one or more suppliers that can offer comprehensive solutions for existing furniture in connection with renovations.