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Collaborations and partnerships

We cooperate with other companies and organisations that believe that caring for people and the environment contributes to both business and society. 

A selection of the initiatives that Scandic supports

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

As early as 1994, work began on certifying our hotels according to the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the Nordic region's toughest ecolabelling. Today, 8 out of 10 hotels are Nordic Swan ecolabeled.

The reason why our hotels meet the high criteria is, among other things, that we use eco-labelled products and chemicals, 100% renewable electricity, absence of single-use packaging, invest in and introduce circular thinking for our hotel rooms, reduce water use, a more climate-friendly food selection and focus on reduced food waste.

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SWEDEN - My dream now

My Dream Now helps students bridge school and professional life. Their vision is for students to feel inspired and valued in society, forge paths to future jobs and realize their dreams. Scandic in Sweden has been partnering with My Dream Now for many years, helping match students from secondary schools in vulnerable areas with opportunities in the labor market.

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DENMARK - Daka ReFood

Daka ReFood collects food waste from coffee grounds to used cooking oil to make fertilizer and biofuel. In Denmark, Daka ReFood uses food waste from Scandic’s hotels to make biofuel that heats Danish homes – a great way to give back to nature.

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POLAND - The Polish Food Bank

The Polish Food Bank saves food from going to waste by giving it to people in need. Some 32 food banks operate across the country to source food produced in excess or food items with a short shelf life or packaging flaws that would otherwise be thrown away. This saves up to 4 million kg of food annually, creating 8 million meals. Scandic Gdańsk also shares profits from special menu items with the Tricity Food Bank to help them in their daily operations.

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GERMANY - To Good To Go

Too Good To Go is a mobile app that connects customers with restaurants and stores that have unsold surplus food that they sell at a discount. Since reducing food waste is an integral part of Scandic’s sustainability program, this partnership is very important to Scandic.

All Scandic hotels in Germany are involved and together with Too Good To Go, they have extended the hotels’ breakfast buffet and lunch service for an extra half hour to allow app customers to fill boxes in the restaurant. Not only that, Scandic’s German hotels also place great emphasis on seasonal and regional products and can guarantee that 40 percent of their breakfast buffet is organic.

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FINLAND - FightBack

FightBack was founded in 2013 by Finnish freestyle skier Pekka Hyysalo after a skiing accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. The organization supports people with head injuries, helping them back to a normal everyday life, and works to raise awareness about head injuries. Scandic in Finland supports FightBack and ensures accessible hotel experiences for all regardless of ability.

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NORWAY - Helt Med

Helt Med promotes inclusion and diversity by helping people with intellectual disabilities find jobs. They offer support in the recruitment process and provide follow-up and training to ensure that collaborations are successful for all parties. Since Scandic strives to be open to all, we also recruit people with disabilities. In 2017, Scandic was the first company in Norway to sign an agreement with Helt Med. Today, we proudly employ many team members who have been recruited through this important partnership.

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