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Meet - Health, diversity and inclusion

We aim to be the healthiest and most inclusive company in the hotel industry. And we will achieve this by ensuring diversity and gender equality when we recruit, develop, promote and train team members.


Scandic is better for both guests and team members when the people who work for the company are healthy and feel good.

We regularly monitor physical and psycho-social work environments through safety inspections, employee surveys and conversations with team members. 

To improve mental and physical health, we have implemented a number of initiatives in recent years, including:

  • Training programs and collaborations to prevent trafficking, prostitution, drug use and destructive alcohol consumption
  • A cultural platform and Leadership Compass to increase employee engagement and decision-making within the organization

  • Scandic Health Club to spread exercise and food inspiration

  • Training programs and collaborations to prevent trafficking, prostitution, drug use and destructive alcohol consumption

Gender equality

Scandic is convinced that diversity in its organization improves the guest experience and team member engagement. The overall goal is gender balance. Scandic strives to have at least 40 and at most 60 percent of either gender in the company.

Our gender equality goal applies to all management groups and teams.

Diversity and inclusion

We welcome people with different backgrounds and abilities and make every effort to ensure that everyone gets their due at Scandic. This work is governed by our cultural platform and Diversity & Inclusion Policy. We follow up on outcomes – our employee surveys show that team members generally feel included at work.

We strives to have a rich culture, a breadth of languages and other skills among our team members.

During the coming year, Scandic will place great focus on further developing its corporate culture.

Welcoming hotels

Diversity is also in focus when it comes to guests – everyone should feel welcome at Scandic. This is why we have made our hotels and offerings as accessible as possible. We work according to an accessibility standard that includes 159 points. Among other things, we have also developed an allergy standard and offer allergy-friendly rooms in all hotels. 

Read more about accessibility at our hotels

Next steps

We have now begun even more focused work to increase gender equality, diversity and inclusion at Scandic. This will include monitoring gender distribution, inclusion and sick leave as well as employee well-being among management teams and general managers.