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Our strategy

Scandic’s strategy is built on five strategic cornerstones that define the areas we must always focus on in order to realize our vision, mission and financial goals. A sustainable approach and engaged and motivated team members are the foundation of Scandic’s strategy and should be evident in all important areas.

Our vision 

To be a world-class Nordic hotel company

With the help of our Nordic spirit, corporate culture, and way of doing things, we’ll be the best hotel company we can be. World class for us isn’t about five stars, but about delivering an appreciated experience every day, both on stage and behind the scenes, for our guests, customers, team members and owners.

Our mission 

To create great hotel experiences for the many people

At Scandic, we go to work every day to create great hotel experiences for our guests. We want to cater to as many people as we can – no matter who they are, how they dress, where they are from or where they are heading. We believe a great hotel experience is so much more than just a nice room, bed, breakfast, or dinner. It’s a friendly smile, an inviting atmosphere, genuine service and the little something extra: it’s the total experience we create for our guests.

Strategic focus areas