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Targets and Achievements

When it comes to sustainability, Scandic is the leading hotel company in terms of transparency, overall performance and environmental certification. Sustainability is the foundation of our business. We have a strategic, long-term perspective that allows us to drive development in the industry and help ensure a more sustainable tomorrow.

Engaged & motivated team members

At Scandic, we have a clear agenda to strengthen our culture, leadership and engagement. For example, did you know that we employ people from more than 120 countries That 80 percent of general managers are recruited internally? Or that the average number of years a permanent employee works at Scandic is 7.3.

For people who are driven and share Scandic’s values Be You, Be Bold, Be a Pro and Be Caring, the opportunities are almost endless. We operate more than 270 hotels in the Nordic countries and Europe where team members can develop professionally and personally.

We aim to be the healthiest, most inclusive hotel company in the industry. This is why we strive for diversity and gender equality when hiring, developing and training team members.

Below presented data updated 31 December 2022

Gender equality, women and men, general managers

113 Women
99 Men

Gender equality, women and men, total

11,787 Women
6,838 Men

Gender equality, women and men, country management teams incl. executive committee

14 Women
30 Men

Number of Employees per month 2o22

Food & beverage

At Scandic, we have high ambitions for the food and drinks we serve. And being certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel means we can focus on many important areas. This includes not serving red-listed fish species and ensuring that all fish and seafood are certified as sustainable.

We also do not serve genetically modified food or bottled water, and we aim to increase the share of locally produced food. Naturally, we always do our best to reduce food waste.

We aim to serve more plant-based food to benefit people and planet, with the goal to serve 60 percent plant-based food by 2025. To achieve this, we offer digital training courses for chefs and other restaurant staff.

Limit values for organic food & beverages

CountryLimit value1: For purchases from 2022 to be reported in annual follow-up in 2023Limit value 2: For purchases from 2024 to be reported in annual follow-up in 2025
Denmark 10%30%
Finland13 products, or 5%19 products, or 7%

Plant based food served, %

Goal 2025: 60%

Food waste, Tonnes1

1) Excluding Sweden due to deficiencies in data quality.

Sustainable hotel operations

We can impact our emissions by increasing awareness and changing the behavior of our team members, guests, partners and property owners.

We aim to lead the way in operating sustainably by investing in sustainable solutions and involving suppliers and property owners.

In the long-term, we aim to be fossil-free. By 2030, our ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide equivalents per square meter) compared with the base year 2019.

CO2 emissions
Decrease CO2e/m2 by 50% by 2030 compared with base year 2019.
CO2e/m2 decreased by 29% in 2022.
Environmental certification
Our ambition is for 100% of our hotels to be certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. At minimum, all hotels must comply with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel limit values for energy consumption per square meter, unsorted waste, water consumption and ecolabeled chemicals for cleaning, laundry and washing dishes.
76% of our hotels are certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Emission intensity, kg CO2-E/M2

Goal: 2030: 6,3 kg

Water consumption, liters per guest night