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Scandic has a well-invested, attractive, and growing hotel portfolio. With presence at close to 130 locations, Scandic is clearly the leading hotel company in the Nordic region. We operate our hotels with long-term leases that are usually variable based on the hotel’s revenue. Responsibility for investments is clearly regulated in the lease agreements. In general, Scandic is responsible for furniture, fixtures, and equipment while the property owner has responsibility for the building as well as technical installations and bathrooms. Accordingly, the property owner has responsibility for most investments made in a hotel.

At the end of September 2022, Scandic had more than 55,900 hotel rooms in operation at 271 hotels in six countries, of which 250 were operated under lease agreements. Additionally, Scandic had more than 2,150 rooms at 7 hotels in its net signed pipeline.

Scandic’s portfolio, which has the largest geographic reach in the Nordic countries, includes hotels that are centrally located in larger cities as well as in business centers and airports, beside major highways or in beautiful natural settings. The hotels vary in design depending on the location and type of hotel – but Scandic’s popular standard offering is always the same everywhere.

Number of hotels in operation and in pipeline

on September 30, 2022
on September 30, 2022
Hotelsof which with Lease contractsRoomsof which with Lease contractsHotels
(incl. new hotels and planned exits)
Other Europe661,7181,7182739
Change during the quarter11405405-1-353


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