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Scandic's guidelines to sustainable procurement

Sustainability has been an integral part of Scandic’s operations since 1993 when we launched our first sustainability program. To make the right decisions, Scandic ensures that team members, suppliers and other stakeholders always have the information they need about the basis for our sustainability initiatives.

The guideline is both for internal use and to be shared to external stakeholders to inform about the theoretical framework for sustainability decisions regarding procurement at Scandic. The guideline is also the basis for setting case-specific requirement that will be further specified in the sourcing documents.

By using this guideline Scandic wants to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals regarding foremost responsible consumption. Scandic will thereby contribute to a more sustainable society and at the same time it is critical for Scandic´s business to make sustainable choices when sourcing different products.

Last approved: August 2022
Open PDF version to read the full guidelines