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Scandic’s CEO Jens Mathiesen acquires stock options from Stena Sessan and Formica

Press release | Financial information | 4 May, 2021 | 10:00 CEST
Scandic has today been informed that Jens Mathiesen has acquired stock options in Scandic issued by the company’s larger shareholders Stena Sessan and Formica.

Scandic’s President & CEO Jens Mathiesen has acquired a total of 155,000 stock options from Scandic’s larger shareholders Stena Sessan and Formica. The options mature in approximately five years and have been acquired on market terms. The price per option amounts to 6.53 SEK and the strike price is 45 SEK.

Scandic has not participated in issuing the options. Since the options have been issued by shareholders, there is no dilution effect.

Following the acquisition, Jens Mathiesen’s holdings in Scandic amount to 168,886 shares and  155,000 stock options.


For more information, please contact:

Henrik Vikström, Director Investor Relations, Scandic Hotels Group
Phone: +46 709 52 80 06


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