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Scandic Business School wins EuroCHRIE prize

October 19, 2015 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

On Friday, October 16, Scandic received the EuroCHRIE’s International Industry Award for its training programs at Scandic Business School. The prize is awarded to an outstanding participant that shows great commitment to the tourism industry and a focus on employees and their development.

During the day, Scandic’s Stephan Stahl, Director Learning & Development, was on hand in Manchester to accept the prize for Scandic Business School’s training programs.

“We are honored to have won this prestigious award. It is proof and recognition of our continuous efforts to build expertise and business value through education,” says Stephan Stahl.

The programs at Scandic Business School have been developed for the company’s employees and have sprung from the belief that the company’s business does best when employees have the chance to develop to their full potential. Scandic Business School is now in its 20th year and its programs have proven to be a significant success factor in the continued development of Scandic’s team members. In a dynamic and changing environment, employees can develop professionally, leading to greater efficiency and higher service levels.

Scandic offers 40 different training programs in the Nordic countries where Scandic has operations and courses are divided into five different areas – introduction, sales and marketing, finance, leadership and service – with the latter two covering Scandic’s core operations.

“Scandic received the prize for its continued commitment to education, as well as its close relationship and dedication to academics,” says Jan Willem Meijerhof, ­Head Internationalization Saxion University and previously President of EuroCHRIE.

Each year, some 1,400 Scandic team members attend classroom courses at Scandic Business School and about 24,000 take distance courses. Additionally, about 14,000 team members in the Service program are trained through the Service@Scandic training program each year. Today, Scandic Business School is a part of the company’s DNA.

For more information, please contact:
Stephan Stahl, Director Learning & Development
+46 709 73 5 074, stephan.stahl@scandichotels.com
Heidi Wold, Communication Director, Scandic Sweden
+46 706 30 58 17, heidi.wold@scandichotels.com

Scandic is the market leader in Nordic hospitality with an network of almost 230 hotels with 42,000 rooms in seven countries and run by 14,000 team members. Scandic Friends is the biggest loyalty program in the Nordic hotel industry with 1.5 million members. Responsibility is a part of Scandic’s DNA and Scandic is the ‘best hotel brand’ in the Nordics (BDRC 2014).


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