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Scandic a dream workplace among Nordic students

May 28, 2014 | 07:55 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic is one of the Nordic region’s most attractive employers and the hotel chain that students most want to work for. This is revealed in a survey of 16,800 economics students, as part of Universum’s annual drive to identify the most attractive employers in the Nordic countries. Scandic is the only hotel business represented on the list, which otherwise features global corporations and organisations.

To make it onto the list, companies must be ranked highly by the students in at least two of the four participating countries. According to the list, Scandic is the 27th most popular employer in the Nordic region, and it is the only hotel business to make an appearance. The one company in the travel industry that is more popular is SAS, which is ranked 14th.

“It’s brilliant to receive this confirmation that the work we’re doing to attract young talent is appreciated by the target group. Our team members are our bedrock, and we try to be clear about the development potential that exists with us. Through the acquisition of Rica, there are now even more development opportunities, both geographically and within different professional areas,” states Henrik Dider, HR Director at Scandic Sweden.

The most distinct trend of recent years is that students see it as increasingly important to work for a good cause, or to feel that they serve a higher purpose in their working life. In this respect, Scandic has taken a strong lead by having the industry’s foremost sustainability programme. In addition, Scandic offers tailor-made courses for the individual development of team members.

“Students are looking for employers that can offer security while also offering development opportunities and chances to try new things,” explains Claes Peyron, head of Universum in Sweden.

Scandic is constantly working to maintain a presence among students to further establish itself as an attractive employer. Collaborations with schools such as Grythyttan and the universities of Lund, Stockholm and Umeå, plus attendance and activities at career fairs, are various ways in which Scandic is working to attract new talent. Scandic also has a close partnership with the talent network 4potentials.

About the survey:

The results are based on the Universum Student Survey 2014, in which over 16,800 economics students from universities and colleges in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland were asked to choose their ideal employer from around 500 companies.

Here is the full list: http://universumglobal.com/ideal-employer-rankings/regional-results/nordics-most-attractive-employers-2014/#ixzz32Mlbw4HE (copy the link och paste into the browser)

For further information:

Henrik Dider, HR Director Scandic, +46 709-73 51 49

Martina Tengvall, PR & Communications Director Scandic, +46 709-73 50 70 martina.tengvall@scandichotels.com

Scandic is the unrivalled market leader in the Nordics with nearly 230 hotels, since the acquisition of Rica. Every day, our 13,000 team members work with one single goal in mind, to make our guests welcome to stay with us or meet with friends or for work. As the Nordic region´s most sustainable hotel chain we´re always focused on the environment, social responsibility and accessibility.


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