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Scandic introduces personally customized beds as the first hotel chain in the world

February 6, 2012 | 11:09 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The important role played by the bed for the overall hotel experience is easily understood. Therefore, as the first hotel chain in the world, Scandic now introduce adaptable beds that can be adjusted to meet all personal comfort preferences by the hotel guests. The campaign is a collaboration with the Swedish bed manufacturer Bliss Nordic which has developed the world patented bed design.Bliss is the first bed in the world that can be adjusted to personal comfort by simply adjusting it to the personal preferences of the hotel guest. After a pilot project at Scandic Anglais in Stockholm, the hotel chain have decided to initiate a collaboration with the manufacturer and to offer the bed to more of its guests. As a next step, the bed will also be available at a number of Scandic’s new hotels.

– For us at Scandic it is crucial that we provide the best possible bed comfort to our guests. That is why we have decided to go for the opportunity to become the first hotel chain providing this service to our guests. As the leading hotel chain in Scandinavia we are accustomed to advancing innovation by trying new approaches and innovations. We are convinced that many guests will appreciate hotel rooms where they can make individual adjustments of the bed for best comfort, says Pelle Ekman, Commercial Director at Scandic.

The ideal hotel bed
Bliss is the world’s first bed that can be adjusted to the personal comfort preferences regardless of length, weight, body shape or sleeping position. The bed’s spring system is easily adjusted using a remote control (from extra hard to extra soft) until you find the preferred comfort level. The guests can even adjust different parts of the bed separately (hip and shoulder) to define a perfect personal bed comfort. The bed Bliss is based on a Swedish innovation that is world patented.

– We have a fantastic product that is likely to be highly desired. Therefore we are delighted to see that the leading hotel chain in Scandinavia, choose to collaborate with us to drive innovation further in this field. There are numerous examples of new innovations that have become branch standard following Scandic’s initiative – says Mattias Sörensen, CEO at Bliss Nordic.

For more information, please contact:
Mattias Sörensen, CEO, Bliss Nordic, +46 705 31 64 97
Christine Kullgren, Head of Corporate Communication, Scandic, +46 709 73 56 34
Pelle Ekman, Commercial Director, Scandic, +46 709 73 51 83

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  • Mattias Sörensen, CEO Bliss Nordic, demonstrates how the bed Bliss easily adjusts with a remote control.
  • Bliss is the first bed in the world that can be adjusted to personal comfort by simply adjusting it to the personal preferences.


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