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Now you can play at all Scandic hotels

June 22, 2009 | 16:44 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic continues its focus on giving children extra attention and making them feel welcome. Jamie Oliver has already created a special menu for them, and now there are also new, inspiring play facilities at all of Scandic’s hotels.The idea is simple – children should be able to play at all Scandic hotels. Making it happen has taken a little more effort. But now everything is in place and the specially designed playrooms and play modules will make every hotel stay more relaxing and more fun for children and parents alike. Within the exciting modular concept, play facilities can range from a mobile playhouse near the restaurant and lobby, to a fully equipped playroom. The task of designing the play concept went to design duo Hilary Persson and Camilla Lundsten of Creative Conversation, in part due to their strong belief in their abilities. The two designers were not initially invited to pitch, but they called Scandic to present their ideas and their vision.

“We heard about the project and immediately felt that we wanted to work with Scandic, a client looking for a solution that was smart, sustainable and cost-effective. There was also to be a focus on the children’s perspective – making the details fun to look at and inspiring to play with was a key element of the assignment,” explains Camilla Lundsten, creative director at Creative Conversation.

Scandic decided to go with this small agency based on their interpretation of the assignment, coupled with their experience on previous projects, for example for Brio, and a shared drive to give the children what they want. The work has been intensive, demanding and fun, and the result is now ready to be judged by its end users – children.

“On top of that, we’re now rolling out Jamie’s menus to encourage in children a passion for and curiosity about food. At the same time, Scandic is launching its new Kids concept, which includes the creatively designed play modules and playrooms. Our kids’ mascot Sigge has gained a more modern look and two new friends, the mice Max and Mini. Obviously, we’re doing this with a view to selling more room nights, but also to show that Scandic’s smallest guests are important and worthy of our respect. We’re experimenting with the concept this year, and hope to be able to create additional exciting activities and opportunities in the coming years,” comments Thomas Engelhart, Senior VP Commercial Operations.

New play facilities and Jamie’s food are available at Scandic’s hotels from 19 June.For more information, contact:
Jessica Agert, Media Relations Manager, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 50 13
e-mail: jessica.agert@scandichotels.com
Scandic is a modern hotel chain where conscious people come for inspiration and renewed energy. With about 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms, we are already one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. And we are continuing to grow – within a few years, there will be over 200 Scandic to choose from. Visit scandichotels.com.


  • Now you can play at all Scandic hotels


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