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Remuneration to members of the Board and its committees

Remuneration to the members of the Board elected by the AGM is decided based on a proposal from the Nomination Committee.

At the Annual General Meeting held on June 15, 2020, it was decided that remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors, elected by the Annual General Geeting and not employed by the Company, and fees for committee work, shall be in accordance with the following:

  • Chair of the board of directors: SEK 850,000 (2019: SEK 775,000);
  • Other board members: SEK 365,000 (2019: SEK 350,000);
  • Chair of the audit committee: SEK 155,000 (2019: SEK 150,000);
  • Other audit committee members: SEK 60,000 (unchanged);
  • Chair of the compensation committee: SEK 100,000 (unchanged);
  • Other compensation committee members: SEK 50,000 (unchanged);
  • Chair of the investment committee: SEK 110,000 (2019: SEK 100,000); and
  • Other investment committee members: SEK 55,000 (2019: SEK 50,000).

All board members, on their own initiative and with effect from Q2 2020, has decided on reducing their board fees with 30 per cent until further notice, by giving up this portion of the fee.       

Fees to the auditor shall be paid in accordance with approved invoices