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Scandic’s sleep ambassador helps you sleep better on World Sleep Day

March 15, 2019 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Today is World Sleep Day, an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep and a wakeup call on important issues related to sleep. Sleep is an important aspect of health – something we engage in for about one-third of our lives. And as a provider of 17 million nights’ sleep to guests in 83,993 beds at 268 hotels, Scandic is now sharing how just about everyone can enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Research tells us that sleep is essential for restoring energy levels as well as boosting our memory function, immune system, creativity and ability to process and retain knowledge. It also balances our mood, reduces our risk of certain diseases and helps regulate stress hormones. In his international bestseller Why We Sleep, snooze scientist Matthew Walker actually argues that getting enough sleep is more important for our health than diet or exercise.

In our modern 24/7 society, however, sleep is heavily neglected. And lack of sleep is associated with many major diseases including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and depression.

While Scandic may not be a sleep therapist, as the leading hotel company in the Nordic countries, they know a thing or two about giving people a good night’s rest. Indeed, the 17 million sleeps at Scandic in 2018 translate into about 119 million hours. That’s the equivalent of 4,958,333 days or 13,585 years.

As a hotel chain, Scandic takes hitting the hay seriously. We regularly survey guests to get insights on how to improve the hotel experience so they can eat, stay and feel better. Much of this focuses on our rooms. Our data shows that getting a good night’s sleep is the most important aspect for business and leisure travelers alike. Bed and pillow comfort are paramount, followed by optimal lighting and being able to create total darkness, says Robert Wilhelmsson, Category Manager Room Experience & Sleep Ambassador, Scandic Hotels.

Here are ten tips from Scandic’s Sleep Ambassador on how to improve your sleep:

  1. Don’t use your mobile phone and tablet in bed. Preferably switch them off 2 hours before bedtime. The body confuses blue light from screens with daylight, which interferes with the secretion of the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  2. Read a physical book instead of an e-book.
  3. Try meditation or relaxation techniques.
  4. Get enough sleep. Six to nine hours a night is recommended, otherwise sleep enough to feel alert.
  5. If you have trouble falling asleep in new environments, try bringing a pillowcase or a used t-shirt from home. Maybe you won’t smell anything when you put your nose to it, but your brain will recognize it and fall asleep more securely.
  6. Regularity: Go to bed at the same time every day.
  7. Keep the room temperature low, 14-18 degrees is optimal.
  8. Avoid alcohol. A common misconception is that alcohol aids sleep. And you can certainly fall asleep more easily. But the quality of sleep will be affected and you won’t be as well-rested as you would otherwise.
  9. Limit caffeine. Some sleep researchers say that we shouldn’t drink any coffee/tea after 14:00.
  10. Get regular exercise, all exercise leads to better sleep while inactivity may lead to lower quality sleep.

Scandic puts great emphasis on the design of its rooms which feature ultra-comfortable beds and pillows and special attention to lighting and aesthetics. At some hotels, guests can also book blackout, or cabin-style, rooms. And this spring, Scandic is also trialing guided meditation, yoga and sleep programs at selected hotels as part of an enhanced offering within health and wellness. Add to this Scandic’s well-equipped fitness and relaxation facilities and healthy, energizing breakfast buffet and it’s no surprise that most guests leave Scandic feeling refreshed and energized.

For a really great sleep when you stay at Scandic, you can always try one of Scandic’s Superior Sleep rooms, for the moment available at selected hotels in Scandinavia. Equipped with an adjustable YouBed, these rooms are located in the quietest part of the hotel and feature late check-out, a sleep kit with evening tea, decaffeinated coffee, ear plugs and an eye mask, and a sleep-inducing playlist – Scandic Sleep – on Spotify, which is also available for anyone to enjoy.

Sweet dreams!

For more information, please contact:

Peter Bodor, Director of Communications, Scandic Hotels Group
Email: peter.bodor@scandichotels.com
Phone: +46 706 48 70 65

Anna-Klara Lindholm, PR Manager, Scandic Hotels Group
Email: anna-klara.lindholm@scandichotels.com
Phone: +46 709 73 52 31


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