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Scandic wins prestigious HotCop 2015 award

June 3, 2015 | 13:23 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic’s President & CEO, Frank Fiskers, today received the prestigious HotCop 2015 award for Scandic’s successful acquisition of the Norwegian hotel chain, Rica Hotels. The prize was conferred at the international HotCop conference in Copenhagen by Nordic Hotel Consulting and Estate Media.

The HotCop award goes to a company or person that has recently made a significant impact on the Nordic hotel market and that contributes through various initiatives to developing the industry.

Scandic received the award for its successful acquisition of Rica Hotels that took place in 2014. The acquisition of Rica was one of the biggest consolidations in the Nordic hotel market in years, and it contributed 72 hotels to Scandic’s already solid hotel portfolio. In Norway alone, Scandic increased its coverage by 65 hotels and further strengthened its position as the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region.

“When we extended our portfolio with the addition of Rica hotels, we took Scandic to a whole new level in the Nordic hotel market, which was an important milestone in Scandic’s development. Today, we have a hotel portfolio that offers everything from the pulse of the big city to hotels close to fantastic natural experiences,” says Frank Fiskers, President & CEO of Scandic Hotels.

Frank Fiskers also participates in the conference as a panelist on the topic of trends and tendencies in the Nordic hotel market.

For more information, please contact:

Ann-Charlotte Johansson, Vice President Communication & IR Scandic Hotels
+46 721 80 22 44, ann-charlotte.johansson@scandichotels.com


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