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EU to showcase Scandic as an example of good practice within accessibility

October 21, 2015 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Magnus Berglund, Director of Accessibility at Scandic Hotels, has been invited by the European Union to present Scandic’s award-wining accessibility training at The EU’s Tourism Education & Training Offer conference to be held in Brussels on October 21.

During the conference, the results of a study commissioned by the EU on training and training systems for tourism will be presented, as well as how these systems meet the needs of the industry. Scandic is the only hotel chain that has been invited to inspire companies to use interactive training to support people with special needs.

“We have chosen Scandic Hotels as a role model from the hotel industry to show how big hotel chains can implement a sound sustainability and accessibility policy in line with customer needs. The aim is to show a positive example to stakeholders who work within tourism and education, and for this reason, we have asked Magnus Berglund to present Scandic’s e-learning programs. Scandic is an excellent example of how companies can remain at the forefront by sharing knowledge and expertise within a specific field – an area that we also believe to be vital to the modern tourism market,” says Alice Jude, Tourism Expert for CSES and NECSTouR.

“We are extremely glad to have been invited back by the EU to talk about our work in the area of accessibility. I am really looking forward to being a source of inspiration on how to share knowledge about accessibility in an educational and interactive way,” says Magnus Berglund, Director of Accessibility at Scandic.

Scandic’s online training was launched in 2013 and it focuses on how to offer guests with special needs the best possible service. The course itself includes advice, tips, tests and instructive videos. The purpose of the training is to build awareness of different types of accessibility challenges as well as the importance of treating people with special needs well. The program is one of Scandic’s many internal courses in accessibility. As the market is developing rapidly and the issues surrounding sustainability are highly topical, Scandic has also chosen to make this training course accessible to external stakeholders through Scandic’s website. This initiative has been an important part of creating the unique position that Scandic has today, which is unprecedented both in Sweden and internationally.

Scandic’s accessibility training won first prize as the best interactive training program at the Swedish Learning Awards 2014 and also won silver at the British E-learning Awards.

For more information about Scandic’s work in the area of accessibility, visit Special needs

For more information, please contact:
Magnus Berglund, Director of Accessibility, Scandic, +46 70 97 35 077
Anna-Klara Lindholm, PR Manager Scandic, +46 70 97 35 231, e-mail: anna-klara.lindholm@scandichotels.com

Scandic is the market leader in Nordic hospitality with an network of almost 230 hotels with 42,000 rooms in seven countries and run by 14,000 team members. Scandic Friends is the biggest loyalty program in the Nordic hotel industry with 1.5 million members. Responsibility is a part of Scandic’s DNA and Scandic is the ‘best hotel brand’ in the Nordics (BDRC 2013).


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