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Scandic receives accessibility prize for its disability work

October 25, 2013 | 09:47 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic Denmark has been awarded the Bevica Foundation’s Accessibility Prize 2013. Each year, the foundation awards a prize to people or companies that have shown a particular interest in people with disabilities. Scandic Denmark will be donating the prize money of DKK 100,000 to Danish Accessibility organisations that makes it possible for people with special needs to get a life with equal opportunities.Scandic has worked on accessibility issues since 2003, winning a number of awards and accolades over the years for its outstanding accessibility work. Scandic’s executives and team members have made accessibility a strategic issue – ensuring, through practical measures, that despite a disability it is perfectly possible to take part in events, stay overnight and use the hotel’s facilities on the same terms as any other guest.
“It’s fantastic to see Scandic Denmark receiving this award from the Bevica Foundation, which confirms that all the work Scandic does on accessibility is paying off,” says Magnus Berglund, Scandic’s Accessibility Director. “We work on accessibility issues all the time, and are proud to see a rise in bookings from guests with disabilities.”
The Bevica Foundation was impressed by the way Scandic Denmark has shown that, in the hotel industry, the important thing is not only to have an understanding of how accessibility affects disabled people, but also to back up the words with action, such as employing an Accessibility Director, drawing up a standard that applies to every hotel and training all team members in accessibility issues.
“I’m incredibly proud that Scandic Denmark has received the Bevica Foundation’s Accessibility Prize 2013.,” comments Jens Mathiesen, VP Scandic Denmark. “It’s extremely important to us that our guests with special needs can travel without worrying. We want being our guest to be easy, and we do everything we can to show consideration and meet specific needs and requirements.”
About the Bevica Foundation
The Bevica Foundation is driven by a desire to help and give people with disabilities a sense of independence and self-confidence. This is achieved by increasing initiatives in the field of accessibility through active fund management that secures ongoing financial support for such work. In addition to working with hospitals and universities, the Bevica Foundation conducts medical research and development.
Scandic’s accessibility work
At Scandic, everyone should be offered the same high Scandic standard, whether or not the guest has a disability. In consultation with organisations for people with special needs, hotel guests and team members, Scandic has therefore drawn up a checklist of 110 points that goes by the name of Scandic’s Accessibility Standard. The standard covers everything offered by Scandic and is an integral element of all products and services at its hotels. Scandic has also implemented smart design features in the rooms to make them accessible for people with disabilities.
Scandic is the first hotel chain in the world to post full accessibility information for all 160 of its hotels online. Each Scandic hotel has its own page carrying unique information about the hotel and its facilities. More information is available at http://www.scandichotels.com/Always-at-Scandic/Special-needs/
For further information, please contact:
Magnus Berglund, Accessibility Director Scandic, +46 70-973 50 77
Anna-Klara Lindholm, PR-manager Scandic, +46 70-973 52 31



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