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Scandic launches new hotel chain ­­­– HTL

September 18, 2013 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The leading hotel chain in the Nordic region, Scandic Hotels, is launching a new hotel chain under a separate brand, HTL. The new hotel concept will offer the best city centre locations at the best prices, with smart digital solutions and quality design features. HTL is aimed at a new generation of traveller. The plan is to have 20 HTL up and running in the major Nordic cities within five years. Stockholm will see its first HTL as soon as May 2014. In total, the new initiative represents a billion SEK investment together with the property owners, plus hundreds of new jobs.Increased digitalisation, continued urbanisation, new mobile meeting cultures and a greater demand for transparency and speed have created a new target group with different priorities from the traditional hotel guest. This is why Scandic is expanding its hotel portfolio and establishing a new hotel concept – a sister company for Scandic with its own brand: HTL.

“We have seen similar initiatives emerging internationally, but we are consolidating our position in the Nordic market by developing our very own concept. Few, if any, other providers could do the same due to the challenge of achieving the right contract models and the resources to create a strong concept and brand with which to build up a new chain,” states Anders Ehrling, CEO of Scandic.

HTL is a streamlined hotel concept, offering the very essence of a really good hotel experience in a central urban setting. The idea is to build super-efficient hotels that strip away any unnecessary additions and instead improve the quality of everything hotel guests value most – it all boils down to fact that LESS IS MORE. The three-letter name HTL says it all.

Two hotels will become 20

HTL will primarily be established through newbuilds and conversions, particularly of office buildings. 20 HTL are expected to be up and running in the major Nordic cities within five years. Locations have already been secured for two new hotels in Stockholm, one on Kungsgatan and one on Upplandsgatan at Norra Bantorget. Discussions are now underway with several selected property owners across the Nordic region.

The 275-room HTL on Kungsgatan in Stockholm is due to open in May 2014. The property is owned by AxFast, an independent company within the Axel Johnson Group. This is the first time that the company has actively focused on hotel operations in its buildings. The second hotel is being built on Upplandsgatan in Stockholm in partnership with AB Folkets Hus i Stockholm.

“Things are going well for us and this is one project of many that we have in the pipeline. In recent years, we have invested many billions in expanding Scandic’s hotel portfolio and we intend to continue with that, but we have also spotted an opportunity to grow through a new brand in a partially new segment. There is good potential at the moment, as we know that many property owners have empty office blocks that would be ideal for conversion into an HTL. It is also the case that our Nordic capitals still need more hotel capacity to continue attracting the major international conferences,” concludes Anders Ehrling.

HTL currently has five employees working on developing the HTL concept. The business is being run as a sister company to Scandic with its own board and CEO. That CEO is Joachim Högefjord, who has held a number of Scandic posts over the years, including general manager and district director, and been responsible for establishing and opening new hotels. A recruitment process has been set in motion for the two new hotels. More information can be found at www.htlhotels.com.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Ehrling, President & CEO Scandic, tel: +46 70 973 51 67
Margareta Thorgren, VP Group Communication Scandic, tel: +46 72 170 92 53
Erik Lindvall, CEO Axfast, tel: +46 70 614 97 00Every day, Scandic’s 7,500 team members work with one single goal in mind – to make you feel welcome. As the Nordic region’s most sustainable hotel chain we’re always focused on the environment, social responsibility and accessibility. With around 160 hotels in eight countries, 30,000 hotel rooms and a turnover of EUR 923 million, Scandic is the largest hotel chain in the Nordic countries. We want to be more than just a hotel – Scandic is a place where people meet, work and get inspired. scandichotels.com



  • HTL Kungsgatan Stockholm
  • Joachim Högefjord, VD HTL och Anders Ehrling, koncernchef Scandic.


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