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Scandic joins forces with FACE Stockholm– cutting plastic consumption by 21 tonnes in the process

March 19, 2013 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic is now further strengthening its position as a world leader in environmental work by launching its own hair and skin care range for 2013 in partnership with FACE Stockholm. This range of products will be introduced at all 156 hotels, enabling Scandic to offer its guests a better hotel experience, as the guests help Scandic to cut plastic consumption by 21 tonnes per year.Environmental work has been a conscious strategy for Scandic since 1993, when the hotel chain asked all its team members for their ideas. The results included several now well-known measures such as eliminating disposable packaging and saving energy by not laundering all towels every day.
Individual temperature controls in the rooms, and bins with sorting compartments are examples of how guests can get involved and do their bit. The new hair and skin care products are now another way for guests to help improve the environment, through reduced consumption of plastics and more efficient product use. Actively working to change the business so as to minimise its environmental impact lies at the very heart of Scandic’s environmental work.
– We’ll save 21 tonnes of plastic per year by switching to FACE skin care products and packaging. It makes a real difference, and we believe our guests want to help wherever they can, states Inger Mattsson, Manager Sustainable Business at Scandic.
All 30,000 hotel rooms will be fitted with new dispensers for shampoo, shower gel and hand soap. The suites and Superior Extra rooms will also have conditioner and body lotion. The expanded product range of improved quality products in attractive designs will raise the standard of all Scandic’s hotel rooms.
– The partnership with Scandic means a great deal to us. I hope the guests will appreciate the hotel rooms even more and enjoy the wonderful fragrances and the pure, simple products, says Gun Nowak, founder of FACE Stockholm.
The FACE products will be subject to the same environmental criteria as the previous skin care products offered by Scandic, which means they will be Nordic Ecolabelled. The new dispensers release just the right amount on each press, so less excess soap is washed away down the plug hole. Measurements conducted by Scandic show a fall in consumption of up to 38% percent per product, without affecting the guest experience.
Alongside the development of the new products, Scandic has conducted a survey, together with YouGov, about the way men and women travel. Knowing about guests’ new travel habits and wider trends makes Scandic well placed to meet the future needs of its guests. The survey shows, for example, that the first thing women do when they enter a hotel room is look at the bathroom, while men check out the bed first. The survey also indicates that 70% of women would find travel easier if there were good quality products in the bathroom.
About FACE Stockholm
Gun Nowak is an entrepreneur and founder of FACE Stockholm, one of the leading Swedish cosmetics chains with a total of around 100 sales outlets and stores in Sweden and around the world. FACE Stockholm offers a wide range of makeup, skin care, bags, cases and makeup accessories.
Passion and creativity are the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy. Inspiration is found in everything from the buzz of the city to Tibetan monasteries, travel, antique furniture and human interaction. FACE Stockholm has become synonymous with Swedish freshness and quality. The products are used by stars such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, to name but a few.
Read extracts from the travel habits survey here: Survey (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/pressroom/scandic_hotels/document/view/scandic-s-survey-on-travel-and-staying-at-hotels-25641)

Images are available here: Images (http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/pressroom/scandic_hotels/image/list)
For further information, please contact:
Anna-Klara Lindholm, PR-manager, Scandic, +46 709-73 52 31
Lisa Söderholm, PR-manager FACE Stockholm, +46 8-678 45 22



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