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Scandic wins the Fairtrade Challenge 2012

November 15, 2012 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Despite fierce competition, Scandic has been named the winner of the”Best Out of Home Player” class in the Fairtrade Challenge. More than 28,800 people enjoyed Fairtrade coffee at 76 Scandic hotels throughout Sweden.This year’s Fairtrade coffee break on 18 October was the biggest event ever, with 615,000 participants from all over Sweden. For the first time, a winner was selected in the “Out of Home sector” when Scandic attracted more than 28,800 participants to its 76 hotels throughout Sweden. Scandic has been serving Fairtrade coffee for many years. Inger Mattsson, Scandic’s Sustainability Manager, believes that events aimed at drawing attention to Fairtrade products are both important and inspiring.

– We are extremely grateful to the 28,829 people who decided to drink coffee at Scandic during the competition. The competition is also a reminder to our staff that, every day they work, they are part of making the world a better place for coffee growers, says Inger Mattsson.

The first prize – the chance to accompany Fairtrade to a producer country during 2013 – will be presented to Scandic on 16 November.

Places which serve Fairtrade-labelled products outside the home are vital to Fairtrade sales. Overall, 71 percent of Fairtrade coffee is sold from vending machines and by cafés, hotels and restaurants. Many major players have shown a growing interest in sustainable consumption.

– The result is a clear indication of just how many Swedes enjoy a refreshment break outside their homes every day. All these outlets can help to improve conditions for growers of Fairtrade coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar and fruit. Scandic, Statoil and all the other organisations which took part in the competition have shown quite clearly that it is possible to make a difference, says Helena Markstedt, Secretary General of Fairtrade Sweden.

Information about the Fairtrade Challenge
The Fairtrade Challenge, which was held on 18 October, is part of Fairtrade Sweden’s annual campaign, and aims to persuade as many people as possible to consume Fairtrade products on a single day. The objective is to demonstrate how, through trade and consumption, we can help improve conditions and promote human rights in developing countries.

For further information, please contact:
Inger Mattsson, Sustainability Manager Scandic, Phone: +46 709 735 019
Karin Hellgren, PR Manager Scandic, Phone: +46 721 709 259

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