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Scandic promotes a greener TV-market

October 3, 2012 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic continues to influence its suppliers by its explicit environmental focus and strict requirements. As a result, the roll out of new LED TV-screens, certified with the European Ecolabel (EU-flower), has been initiated in a number of Scandic hotels.  More than 20 000 flat screens will be delivered to all hotels before the end of 2014.– By working consistently with sustainability issues and making these an important part of our procurement procedures, Scandic quite definitely contributes to a positive development. Scandic has been a significant factor in the certification of the selected MediaSuite model, through its commitment and by moving the process forward, says Pär Backlund, Director of Sales at Philips Hotel TV, supplier of the new screens.

Philips has systematically improved its production facilities over the years and a number of its models already had the EU Ecolabel. The successful application for environmental labelling of Philips MediaSuite is, according to both Scandic and Philips, a good example of how two companies who both perceive advantages in delivering sustainable products to end users can cooperate.
– We have participated in influencing the market because other end consumers who chose MediaSuite will now also get an environmentally labelled product. Additionally, previously a table stand was included, which is now instead an option available to customers. We didn’t need these because the TV screens are fixed to the walls. Above all, this means there are additional environmental benefits because there is less to transport, says Inger Mattsson, Sustainability Manager at Scandic.
Some significant changes were made to obtain the EU Ecolabel for MediaSuite. One important change was to downgrade to a more environmentally friendly fire retardant which is not among those subject to a so-called Risk Phrase (R-Phrase). R-Phrases are a classification system of health hazards of chemical products used in the EU.

– MediaSuite is, following the certification process, significantly more energy efficient, which is an important change in a sustainable direction, says Leendert Jan de Olde, Senior Manager Sustainability, Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Holland.

By replacing the current TV-screens with the new LED TV´s Scandic will save 70 % of energy consumption, meaning almost 2 million kWh per year.    

Facts about the EU Ecolabel: EU Ecolabel is a common environmental label for the European Union. The criteria requirements are decided upon by responsible bodies in the EU’s members states countries, commissioned by the EU Commission. EU Ecolabel functions in the same way as the Nordic Ecolabel and is a Type 1-environmental label. The products are examined from a life cycle perspective from raw material through to disposal and products must meet stringent environmental, functional and quality requirements. The requirements are constantly made stricter. (Source: Nordic Ecolabel)

For more information please contact:

Margareta Thorgren, Vice President Group Communication, Scandic
Tel: +46 8 517 352 54
Inger Mattsson, Sustainability Manager, Scandic
Tel: +46 8 517 350 19
Pär Backlund, Sales Director Hotel TV, Philips
Tel: +46 708 322 291scandichotels.com

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