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Due to increased demand, Scandic is expanding its accessibility information online

November 5, 2012 | 13:27 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

More and more people are discovering that accessible hotel environments make their stay more comfortable and convenient, but many find it hard to track down the accessibility information they need. Having seen a sharp rise in enquiries about accessibility from companies, organisations and active older travellers, Scandic is expanding its website to include the new page at http://scandichotels.com/specialneeds This provides everything from invaluable links to museums, amusement parks and taxis to recommendations for conference hotels, personal tips and advice, interviews and detailed accessibility information for all of the chain’s 160 hotels. At the same time, Scandic is publishing its unique accessibility standard on the website as a way to help and inspire other companies and organisations to improve their accessibility.“We want to make it as easy as possible to plan trips that offer good accessibility all the way and we’re seeing huge demand for information,” explains Magnus Berglund, Accessibility Ambassador at Scandic. “That’s why we’ve really expanded the website in a move to gather as much information as possible in one place. Anyone who has ever tried to locate accessibility information knows how time-consuming and complicated it can be to find out, for example, how long the walk is from the airport gate to the taxi rank. Or whether a visit to the city’s amusement park is recommended if you have mobility issues.”

Accessibility standard with its 110 points goes public
Another new feature of http://scandichotels.com/specialneeds is Useful links, where Scandic puts its growing collection of handy links to various destinations as they are discovered. Visitors will find direct links to invaluable accessibility information for taxis, trains, entertainment venues and well-known tourist and visitor attractions, making it quick and easy to find information that helps plan a whole trip. The ‘Special needs’ page also now details Scandic’s much admired accessibility standard.

“We receive a constant stream of questions from companies and organisations that have heard about our unique accessibility standard with its 110 points. 81 of these are compulsory for all our hotels, while the whole list is implemented in our new and refurbished hotels,” says Magnus Berglund. “Now, we’re making the accessibility standard public so that it can hopefully inspire others to do more about their accessibility.”

Tips and advice is a section where Magnus Berglund gives his personal tips on accessibility from all the globetrotting that he and his rehab dog Ada have done over the years. Magnus, who has difficulty walking at times, noticed how hard it was to find out useful facts such as how far you have to walk at different airports and what assistance is available. Under the heading Tips and advice Magnus therefore shares his experiences of Nordic, European and Asian airports.

Scandic receives numerous enquiries from companies looking for a conference hotel with good accessibility. To meet this particular demand, Scandic has compiled its list of Recommended hotels for meeting which includes hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Scandic’s accessibility brochure is also available to read or download at http://scandichotels.com/specialneeds, and in addition to all that there is Scandic’s world-beating innovation – detailed accessibility information for all 160 of its hotels in nine countries – plus CNN’s interview with Scandic’s Accessibility Ambassador.


For further information, please contact:
Magnus Berglund, Accessibility Ambassador Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 5077
Margareta Thorgren, Vice President Group Communication, Scandic,
tel: +46 8 517 352 54


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