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Scandic’s Magnus Berglund leads social responsibility

September 8, 2011 | 15:41 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The Nordic hotel chain Scandic’s Disability Ambassador, Magnus Berglund, has been nominated Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Swedish newspaper Veckans Affärer’s Social Capitalist Awards, for his accessibility work. Scandic has received additional recognition for its work with CSR and accessibility issues.Since Magnus joined in 2003, Scandic has worked with accessibility issues as an integrated part of the business model, which has generated results. Today, Scandic is a pioneer in the industry and has also inspired companies in other sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Scandic has been awarded several prizes for its accessibility work and Veckans Affärer’s Social Capital Award is one the most prestigious industry awards in Sweden in the area of social responsibility.

“It is a huge honour just to be nominated, it is confirmation that the work we are doing and our methods are right. For Scandic, accessibility issues are an integrated part of the entire business, which means that it clearly contributes to better business, and that is exactly what Veckans Affärer’s Social Capitalist Award is all about,” says Magnus Berglund, Scandic’s Disability Ambassador.

Today, approx. 10% of all of Scandic’s newly built or refurbished hotel rooms are disabled rooms and all Scandic hotels have a standard 110-point accessibility list. It is the comprehensive thinking when it comes to accessibility that makes Scandic unique. Regardless of what special needs a guest may have, the goal is to make them feel just as welcome as any other guest. Needs vary and can include anything from a vibrating alarm clock to easier access to the coffee machine, but also food allergies.

About the Social Capital Day

In just five years, the Social Capital Award has established itself as the leading award for people who have united capitalism and social benefits in Sweden. In association with the award ceremony, Veckans Affärer is organising a half-day conference for around 300 leaders from trade and industry, charities and the public sector with a focus on companies profiting from serving society.   New for this year’s conference is the chance to get involved and provide concrete suggestions of how companies can contribute to resolving some of society’s problems. More information can be found at http://www.va.se/tema/samhallsansvar/

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Martina Tengvall, PR Manager, Scandic Sweden, Tel: +46 709 73 5070, email: martina.tengvall@scandichotels.com (martina.tengvall@scandichotels.com)There are hotels that are more exclusive, hotels that are cheaper and hotels that are trendier – but there is no hotel as smart as Scandic. Smart, because you get a more conscious and inspiring hotel experience on so many levels. Visit scandichotels.se presenting more than 160 hotels in 9 countries and many exciting offers.



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