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Scandic opening in Lindesnes

February 4, 2010 | 11:55 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic, the leading hotel chain in the Nordics, is entering into partnership with the Lunde Group and will be opening a hotel in Lindesnes, the most southerly tip of Norway, in July. The aim is for Scandic Lindesnes to become one of the country’s leading centres for watersport activities.“We’ve already seen immense interest in our new venture in Lindesnes. Scandic wants to become the healthiest company in the travel industry, so we are doing all we can to enable our guests to eat and live healthily, our co-operation with Jamie Oliver and building new gyms at all our hotels just being some examples,” comments Frank Fiskers, President and CEO at Scandic.
Scandic Lindesnes will challenge and capture market share from more traditional meeting- and conference providers, as well as players in the holiday and leisure market.

Committed partnership
Scandic Lindesnes will be an exciting newcomer to the Norwegian hotel market in 2010.
“I’m naturally very proud that the Nordic region’s leading and perhaps best-run hotel chain has chosen to join forces with us. I take that as a seal of approval,” says Hans Petter Hagen, project manager for the Stavanger-based holding company, the Lunde Group that is the main owner of the property.

Unique location
With its location on the quayside between superb sandy beaches, flanked by three fjords, two seas, a historic canal and en route to the most famous point on the Norwegian mainland, Lindesnes Lighthouse, the setting is fantastic. In particular it will open up opportunities for water-based activities, whether diving, fishing, enjoying water sports or beach sports. In addition to its 154 rooms and suites, the hotel will offer a spa and wellness centre, a gym, course and conference facilities, a restaurant and other dining options.

“The locals have already fallen in love with the area. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to discover the natural beauty around Lindesnes,” declares Frank Fiskers.

For more information, contact:
Geir Lundkvist, Vice President, Scandic Norway, Tel: +47 92 88 77 08, geir.lundkvist@scandichotels.com
Hans Petter Hagen, project manager for the Lunde Group
Tel: +47 90 17 21 52. E-mail: hph@lundeeiendom.no

Photos: Send an e-mail specifying a return contact address to: hph@lundeeiendom.noScandic is a modern hotel chain where conscious people come for inspiration and renewed energy. With more than 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms, we are already one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. And we are continuing to grow – within a few years, there will be over 200 Scandic to choose from. Visit scandichotels.com.


  • Scandic opening in Lindesnes


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