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Scandic continues to grow – Adds four new hotels

March 11, 2010 | 13:15 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Today, Scandic signed an agreement to purchase Hotel Linnea, Hotel Rivoli and Hotel Salpaus from Next Hotels Finland Oy. The deal also covers an amazing new hotel that will be built in conjunction with the Paasitorni Congress Centre in Helsinki. These four new hotels effectively strengthen Scandic’s position in Finland, and prove the hotel chains ambition to continue the expansion in Finland. ”These hotels will be of great value to our offer in Finland, adding new locations to choose from in our growing chain of hotels. With Scandic Paasi, Helsinki will get a new, exciting flagship hotel, designed with the uniqe storytelling approach that we use”, says Frank Fiskers, President & CEO at Scandic.

Now there will be 27 Scandic hotels in Finland, with 5,000 rooms. The three new, existing hotels employ approximately 100 people, who will become Scandic team members. All in all, there are 1,000 Scandic team members in Finland.

” The three hotels – Linnea, Rivoli and Salpaus – are leaders in their own local markets, and I strongly believe that there are great development opportunities as the start operating under Scandic’s trademark,” says Aarne Hallama, Country Vice President in Finland. We want to develop the business and improve client service for the new hotels by linking them into Scandic’s international sales- and marketing network, as well as with our very popular customer loyalty program. Also, guests will enjoy that a 24/7 shop and a modern gym will be added according to the Scandic concept.

Scandic Paasi – An exciting new hotel in Helsinki
In 2011, Scandic will open a new design flagship hotel in Helsinki – Scandic Paasi. The hotel will be situated next to the Paasitorni congress centre. ”Paasitorni is a unique and well-known conference place in Helsinki. The new hotel will respect the architecture of Paasitorni, while also adding great design and opportunities to find new energy and inspiration, says Aarne Hallama.

Further information:
Frank Fiskers, President & CEO, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 52 03
Aarne Hallama, Vice President Scandic Finland, tel: +358 50 64 588There are hotels that are more exclusive, hotels that are cheaper and hotels that are trendier – but there is no hotel as smart as Scandic. Smart, because you get a more conscious and inspiring hotel experience on so many levels. Visit scandichotels.com presenting more than 150 hotels in 10 countries and many exciting offers.


  • Scandic continues to grow - Adding four new hotels


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