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Jarkko is new Sales & Marketing Director for Scandic Finland

August 27, 2009 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Scandic is happy to announce that Jarkko Härmälä has joined the hotelchain as new Director of Sales & Marketing for Scandic and Hilton Hotels in Finland. Jarkko has extensive experience from the airline industry, and will bring knowledge, experience and some exciting new perspectives that will most likely inspire both clients and Scandic team members even more.
Scandic is increasing its commercial activities in Finland, and with the new Director of Sales & Marketing, the hotel chain is strengthening both sales operations and the Scandic brand.
“Finland is an important and exciting market, and Jarkko Härmälä brings valuable experience, knowledge and inspiration to our team here as Scandic continues to grow” says Thomas Engelhart, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations at Scandic.

Jarkko Härmälä previously worked at Finnair, where he has held various management positions in sales- and marketing, most recently as Area Vice President. He has extensive international experience and comprehensive knowledge of the tourism industry.
“It will be a challenge and a great opportunity to work with Scandic and the hotel industry. Scandic has a strong growth strategy, is a recognised international hotel brand and with a strong offer and some very exciting plans for the future, Scandic will be a pleasure to sell and market. Hospitality business is highly convergent with the airline industry, therefore I believe in benchmarking the two,” says Jarkko Härmälä, Scandic’s new Director of Sales & Marketing in Finland.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Engelhart, SVP, Commercial Operations, Scandic, tel. +46 8 517 350 00
Kati Puukko, Marketing Manager, Scandic Finland, tel. +35 8 40 563 70 49Scandic is a modern hotel chain where conscious people come for inspiration and renewed energy. With more than 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms, we are already one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. And we are continuing to grow – within a few years, there will be over 200 Scandic to choose from. Visit scandichotels.com.


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