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The Nordic region’s most visited hotel site is relaunched

February 18, 2008 | 09:12 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The Scandic hotel chain has invested SEK 15 million in simplifying the functions of the most frequently visited hotel website in the Nordic region. The new site in five languages was launched quietly on Friday, and the aim is to double the number of online bookings by 2011.The Scandic hotel chain is the most visited hotel website in the Nordic region* with around 8.6 million visitors a year. Although online bookings are increasing by more than 50% a year, they still account for a relatively low proportion of total revenue, only 10% in fact. To boost online bookings, the hotel chain is now relaunching its site with simpler functions and a focus on relevant and travel-related information. The aim is to raise the proportion of online bookings to 30% by 2011.

“Our key objective has been to make things easier for repeat business customers by considerably shortening the booking process,” explains Johan Michelson, Scandic’s Director of Marketing. “The website is by far the most important marketing and booking channel for us, as it enables us to quickly communicate with our guests in a very cost-effective way,” he continues.

Another clear improvement is the corporate information targeted at guests, others in the hotel industry, investors, students and journalists looking for more information about Scandic.

“Since our split from Hilton almost a year ago, demand for corporate information has snowballed, not least because we are currently in a phase of major expansion,” concludes Michelson.

New URL addresses:
www.scandichotels.com /se /no /dk /fi

* According to BDRC Nordic Business Guest Survey 2007 “Hotel Websites Visited in Last 12 Months”

For more information, please contact:
Johan Michelson, Director of Marketing, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 50 26
Martina Tengvall, Dir. Corporate Communication, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 50 70
Scandic is the leading hotel chain in the Nordics and with more than 139 hotels in operation and under development, consequently one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. With a keen focus on growth, we are actively pursuing opportunities to expand our network. A stay at Scandic is a step towards a more sustainable future − for our society and our environment. Nordic common sense. www.scandichotels.com



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