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Scandic enters into partnership with Cruise Baltic

December 15, 2008 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

Cruise Baltic, a network of cruise businesses in the Baltic region, was looking for a partner who could offer hotels in seven countries around the Baltic Sea, accommodate quality-conscious groups of travellers and guarantee a strong environmental profile. The choice was easy when they hit on Scandic.“It’s fantastic that Scandic has now become part of Cruise Baltic’s offering to its passengers, who can enjoy accessible accommodation of a high standard. Cruise-based tourism in the Baltic is enjoying considerable growth, and with Scandic set to practically double its number of rooms by 2012, this partnership with Cruise Baltic comes at the perfect time,” comments Stephan Stahl, Sales Manager at Scandic.

Cruise Baltic is a unique network of 26 ports in ten countries around the Baltic, with all the destinations offering excellent standards of service, cleanliness and environmental consideration.

“Scandic’s major focus on the environment, its experience of welcoming cruise passengers and having hotels in most of the locations we travel to made the hotel chain an obvious partner for Cruise Baltic. We’re very pleased to have Scandic on board and have no doubt that the partnership will bring great benefit and pleasure to us, Scandic and our passengers,” explains Bo Larsen, CEO of Cruise Baltic.

Set up in 2004 to increase cooperation between different cruise destinations around the Baltic Sea, Cruise Baltic is extremely committed to offering destinations, experiences and partners of high quality.

“Cruise Baltic is a seriously professional network that demands a great deal of its destinations and suppliers, which creates a sound foundation for Scandic and Cruise Baltic to work together,” concludes Stephan Stahl.

For more information, please contact:
Bo Larsen, CEO Cruise Baltic, tel: +45 61209674
Email: bnl@woco.dk

Stephan Stahl, Sales Manager, Scandic, tel: +46 709 735074
Email: stephan.stahl@scandichotels.com
Scandic is a modern hotel chain where conscious people come for inspiration and renewed energy. With about 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms, we are already one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. And we are continuing to grow – within a few years, there will be over 200 Scandic to choose from. Visit scandichotels.com.


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