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Scandic donates water millions to sustainability initiatives – Setting up a new fund to contribute to a better world

September 4, 2008 | 08:00 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The Scandic hotel chain, which has long been active in environmental and social issues, is now moving beyond its hotel walls and setting up a new sustainability fund. The money for the fund will come from the new water bottles, designed by Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar, which will soon start being sold at its hotels. The fund will support different initiatives contributing to more sustainable development, partly by awarding an annual prize of 100,000 euro.10 euro cent per water bottle. This will be the foundation for Scandic Sustainability Fund, a newly established fund aimed at supporting initiatives which in various ways actively contribute to a more sustainable society. Scandic has earlier taken the decision to reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions by removing all bottled mineral water from its hotels. Up to now, the hotel chain has sold a couple of million 33 cl bottles of mineral water a year. Instead, from this autumn Scandic will be filling and selling its own specially designed bottles of filtered and chilled water, still and sparkling.

“Scandic’s decision is the right one and something that will have many winners. Scandic is moving outside its own company to reward other key initiatives, which will hopefully inspire even more to contribute to a better world. This is something I clearly want to support,” says Swedish Olympic swimmer Therese Alshammar, who designed the bottle.

Organisations and individuals will be able to apply for grants from the Scandic Sustainability Fund for projects aimed at supporting sustainable development in a broad sense. The fund will support initiatives large and small. The greatest accolade, the Scandic Sustainability Award, will be worth 100,000 euro and will be announced once a year at a special ceremony.

“When you say sustainability, many people’s thoughts turn straight to environmental issues, but it may equally be a question of social work, accessibility, health issues and safety. Anything that helps to create a more robust society in the future,” comments Jan Peter Bergkvist, Scandic’s VP Sustainable Business.

More information on the Scandic Sustainability Fund and application forms for grants from the fund will be available from Scandic’s website scandichotels.com early in the new year.For more information, please contact:
Jan Peter Bergkvist, VP Sustainable Business, Scandic, tel: +46 709-73 59 63
Helena Nilsson, VP Corporate Communications, Scandic, tel: +46 709-73 51 45
e-mail: helena.nilsson@scandichotels.com



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