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Helena Nilsson new Vice President Corporate Communications at Scandic

March 26, 2008 | 08:06 CET | Categories: General press releases | Non regulatory

The hotel chain Scandic has appointed Helena Nilsson as Vice President Corporate Communications, with responsibility for financial communication, internal communication and media relations. She will be taking up her post on 1 June this year, when she will move from a similar position at the listed recruitment company Poolia.Over the next few years, Scandic will be expanding strongly in Europe, advancing from its current 141 hotels to over 200. This will involve major change, which in turn will place new demands on communication both internally and externally. The hotel chain has therefore appointed Helena Nilsson to the newly created post of Vice President Corporate Communications with a seat on the senior executive team.

“We are very pleased to be bringing Helena Nilsson, with her excellent background in communication, into the company,” comments Frank Fiskers, President and CEO of Scandic. “Scandic is now able to present a strong organisation that is fully geared up for the planned expansion. Above all, we want to provide professional financial communication and we were looking for someone who could deliver that and who had the experience to drive forward change. Helena had exactly what we were looking for.”

Helena Nilsson has a background as a researcher, journalist and information officer. She has previously headed up a consultancy business specialising in change communication and for the past three years has been communications director at Poolia.

“There were three things that attracted me to Scandic: an exciting process of change, a company with strong values and a strong brand, and a management team that understands how important it is to take an integrated approach to communication,” explains Helena Nilsson. “I am really looking forward to playing my part in making Scandic’s aggressive growth strategy a reality in the near future.”

Helena Nilsson will be a member of the company’s senior team and will report directly to Frank Fiskers. She will take up her post on 1 June.For more information, please contact:
Frank Fiskers, President & CEO, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 52 03
Helena Nilsson, tel: +46 739 44 50 11
Martina Tengvall, Dir. Corporate Communications, Scandic, tel: +46 709 73 50 70,
e-mail: martina.tengvall@scandichotels.com
Scandic is the leading hotel chain in the Nordics and with 141 hotels in operation and under development, consequently one of the largest hotel operators in Europe. With a keen focus on growth, we are actively pursuing opportunities to expand our network. A stay at Scandic is a step towards a more sustainable future − for our society and our environment. Nordic common sense. www.scandichotels.com



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