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Job vacancies

Here at Scandic, we are looking for team members with the ability to make guests feel at home as soon as they put down their bags in the hotel lobby.

Below is a list of positions that are vacant at the moment. We hope you will take the opportunity to apply for a job at Scandic.

Receptionist, Scandic Sjöfartshotellet & Scandic Gamla Stan, extra vid behov

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Star Sollentuna, deltid 50%

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Skärholmen & Scandic Kungens Kurva, extra vid behov

Frukostvärd, Scandic Skärholmen & Scandic Kungens Kurva, deltid 75%

Diskare, Scandic Täby, deltid 60%

Receptionist, Scandic Skogshöjd, vikariat heltid

Hovmästare till Jamie’s Italian, Scandic Anglais, heltid

Shiftleader till receptionen, Haymarket by Scandic, heltid

Nattreceptionist, Downtown Camper by Scandic, heltid

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Continental, deltid 50%

Serveringspersonal, Scandic No. 53, deltid 40%

Assistant Front Office Manager, Haymarket by Scandic, heltid

Receptionist, Scandic Sjöfartshotellet, heltid

Receptionist, Scandic Sjöfartshotellet, Vikariat 80 %

Serveringspersonal till vår deli, Scandic Upplandsgatan, deltid 80%

Frukostvärd, Scandic Continental, extra vid behov

Receptionist, Scandic No. 53, deltid 80%

Receptionist, Scandic No. 53, heltid

.Net Developer, Group Support Office

Senior .Net Developer , Group Support Office

Teamleader Inhouse Sales and Support

Senior QA Engineer, Group Support Office, heltid

Runner, Haymarket by Scandic, deltid 75%

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Norra Bantorget, extra vid behov

Porter, Downtown Camper by Scandic, extra vid behov

Hovmästare, Scandic Victoria Tower, heltid

Nattreceptionist, Scandic Täby, deltid 80 %

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Talk, heltid

Kock, Scandic Talk, heltid

Souschef, Scandic Talk, heltid

Frukostvärd, Scandic Talk, deltid 50%

Frukostvärd, Scandic Talk, heltid

Project Manager Technical Services Sweden, Country Support Office Sweden, heltid

Diskare, Scandic Grand Central, extra vid behov

Fastighetsansvarig, Scandic Foresta och Scandic Järva Krog, heltid

Receptionist, Scandic Anglais, deltid 80%

Frukostvärd, Scandic No. 53, extra vid behov

Housekeeper, Scandic Täby, extra vid behov

Receptionist, Scandic Star Sollentuna, extra vid behov

Meeting and Event Sales Manager Stockholm, Country Support Office Sweden, heltid

Receptionist, Scandic Victoria Tower, deltid 80%

Front office & Guest relations manager, Scandic Star Sollentuna, heltid

Shiftleader till receptionen, Scandic Malmen, heltid

Shiftleader till restaurangen, Scandic Victoria Tower, heltid

CRO Specialist / Analyst