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“Hang up your towel” is one of Scandic’s innovative ideas within sustainability

In 1993, Scandic decided to become a leader in sustainability and drive the development of sustainability in the hotel sector. It was at Scandic that the idea to “hang up your towel if you want to use it again” was formed – an idea that is now the standard in the hotel industry around the world.

Today, Scandic is leading the way in many areas of sustainable business. Sustainability is a part of Scandic’s values – an integral element of all of its operations that Scandic’s team members manifest in their daily work.

Scandic’s employees have the opportunity to take part in training in environmental issues and there is an environmental manager at each hotel. In 1996, all hotels began reporting their energy, water and chemical use as well as unsorted waste. Since then, Scandic’s goal-oriented and systematic work to reduce the environmental impact of its operations has continued to show improved results.

In 1999, the first Scandic hotel was certified under the Nordic Ecolabel and by the end of 2016, 180 hotels were certified under the Nordic Ecolabel (Svanen) or the EU Ecolabel.

Scandic in Society

Scandic is a company with a tradition of taking social responsibility in local communities as well as when there are major international disasters. In 2001, we introduced a program – Scandic in Society – where all hotels and team members are involved in different ways. This includes everything from serving coffee to parents on night patrol to providing bedding at shelters for homeless people.

Sustainability report

The 2015 Sustainability Report is integrated in the 2015 Annual Report in accordance with GRI G4 on a selfdeclared Level Core. The Annual Report is attached on this page.


The Environmental policy, The Code of Conduct and The Code of Conduct for suppliers are attached on this page.