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What is a Scandic signature hotel?

What is a Scandic signature hotel?

What is a Scandic signature hotel?

What is a Scandic signature hotel?

On May 10th, the first Scandic signature hotel – Haymarket by Scandic – opened in Stockholm. On August 31st, a new milestone was reached when Grand Central by Scandic officially became a signature hotel. A few days ago, Scandic made another important announcement; the former Scandic Sergel Plaza will re-open as Downtown Camper by Scandic in H2-2017, being the 5th announced signature hotel to open. Thomas Engelhart, Chief Commercial Officer of Scandic, gives the background for signature hotels.

Why signature hotels?

”The decision to launch signature hotels is driven by the opportunity to fully capitalize on the potential from a selected number of hotels in our extensive portfolio. It is a way to enhance guest experience, attract new customers, broaden our market offer and to address the trend that customers are becoming more venue oriented. This way, we can drive rate and increase our EBITDA. Furthermore, the launch of the Scandic signature hotel concept will improve our abilities to optimize our overall performance on destination level and to drive further growth”.

The requirements for a signature hotel?

”A signature hotel is defined by a prime location on a key destination. The building as such must also have an original and bold life-style character that allows for innovative concepts that reflect emerging consumer trends. The venue has to be a destination of its own right. Social spaces must be large and inviting. Food and beverage play an important role to create a social pulse and there must also be a permanent and vibrant event scene. Every signature hotel is unique and has a unique story and therefore has to be branded in a unique way. The story triggers creativity and helps define a clear guest experience based on strong elements or icons in the hotel’s interior design. This will guide the design concept and identity. This will also guide the hotel’s offerings and the event scene as well as other commercial activities – happenings, collaborations and exhibitions. And, of course, the story is essential as a guidance to our employees of the hotel. It will help them ’live’ the concept and create an experience that’s trustworthy.

How are signature hotels selected?

“They are all hand-picked because they make their unique and individual mark. They constitute more than a great stay, they are a social place where locals and guests hang, work and play. Each hotel is a venue on a quest to be a total hotel experience for a picky audience – complete with a dynamic event scene, vibrant restaurants and landmark design. A signature hotel is a lifestyle and venue driven hotel experience. It’s not a five star hotel but we’re certainly competing for that audience, when they are looking for an experience beyond just a stay at a hotel. In summary, that’s what our signature hotels are all about.”

What’s happening next?

“Haymarket by Scandic and Grand Central by Scandic, both in Stockholm, are already operating as signature hotels since this year. In addition, Scandic has recently announced that another three hotels will be profiled as signature hotels. Sergel Plaza in Stockholm will re-open as Downtown Camper by Scandic in 2017 after a major renovation. In addition, the rebranding of the existing Scandic Marski in Helsinki is expected to be completed by 2018 and Hotel Norge in Bergen, which has approximately 420 rooms, is expected to re-open in 2018 after a complete renovation. So, the Scandic signature concept is really materializing at a fast pace. And our experiences so far are very positive. Our guests seem to like and appreciate our signature approach,” concludes Thomas Engelhart.”

The Signature factors

  • Storytelling experience
  • Stylish design
  • Social media driven
  • Surprising service
  • Sharing moments
  • See and be seen

Signature Features

  • Lifestyle concierge
  • Bedtime story book
  • VIP check-in/out
  • Retail offering
  • In-room bartender
  • Hotel guest area only
  • “Blogger” dishes
  • Society gig