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Welcome to Scandic!

Welcome to Scandic!

Welcome to Scandic!

Welcome to Scandic!

That’s how we greet everyone of our more than nine million annual guests when they check in at any of our 230 hotels. And that’s also what I want to say to you as a reader of our first issue of the Scandic Scope newsletter.

It is published by us at the Scandic Business Development department. Our ambition is to keep you as a stakeholder updated about what’s going on in Scandic’s world. Because there is a lot happening all the time.

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In this first newsletter we will mirror some of the current exciting dimensions of Scandic’s operations.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to develop new hotels in attractive locations. Presently, we have six new hotels in the pipeline. In this issue of Scandic Scope we are putting special spotlight on some of our exciting new developments – Scandic Falconer, and the re-opened Scandic Continental, among other things. We are also summarizing the unique Shark megaproject that has created a win-win solution for both us and the landlord.

Hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

Jesper Engman
Vice President Business Development
Scandic Hotels Group