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Our vision is a world class Nordic hotel experience, where Scandic is the most sustainable place to Meet, Eat, and Sleep away from home.

We focus on these three core parts of our business when we innovate to drive change in the hospitality industry and push for a more sustainable society. This is in addition to our work to excel every day, when reducing water, CO2 emissions and waste as well as how we work with for example anti-trafficking and anti-corruption. The direct result of these actions is what you find on this site.

Our ambitions are to be the most inclusive company for the many people, to lead the way to better food and beverage with less impact, and to offer the most sustainable room experience.

For us, sustainable hotel operations is not a target we measure once a year, it’s something that happens every day in every hotel. This is made possible by our 18 000 sustainability team members working together to make an impact today for a better tomorrow.


We want to be the most inclusive company for the many people. We will do this by working for diversity and inclusion in recruitment, career development and training, and by engaging with our local communities to make a positive impact.


We want to lead the way to better food and beverage with less impact. We will do this by reducing food and packaging waste, offering plant based and locally sourced foods, choosing certified and seasonal products, and optimizing ordering and delivery.


We want to offer the most sustainable room experience. We will do this by optimizing hotel room sustainability – for example using less chemicals and sustainable materials, encouraging circularity by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials, and engaging guests in sustainable behaviours.

Sustainable Hotel Operations?

We want to continue to excel in sustainable hotel operations through constant improvements, driving investments towards new sustainable solutions, and engaging the supply chain and property owners. When striving for excellence and great impact, every step counts, every day in every hotel. Some of our goals for 2020 to make our hotel operations more sustainable are to use 100% renewable electricity, reducing water use to 160 litres per guest night, reducing CO2-emissions to 2,3 kg per guest night, and reducing waste to a maximum of 0,62 kg per guest night by 2020.

Scandic also has a Code of Conduct that applies to all team members and actively works with anti-corruption. In addition, we have an Environmental Policy, Supply Chain Code of Conduct and Diversity & Inclusion Policy, as well as Scandic’s guidelines For Sustainable Procurement, and training in anti-trafficking.