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Scandic Continental open for business again

Scandic Continental open for business again

Scandic Continental open for business again

Scandic Continental open for business again

Scandic Continental in Stockholm has now opened its doors again for the first eager guests after being completely rebuilt. It is undoubtedly the most central business hotel in the city with numerous meeting possibilities, where guests are offered a smooth stay in a truly continental atmosphere.

On classic ground

A couple of years after the central railway station in Stockholm was inaugurated in 1871, a hotel was built just across the street. It became a landmark for visitors to the Swedish capital. This is in fact the very same location where the brand new Scandic Continental now can be found. The up-to-date railway station is still just across the street, but there will also be a new commuter train station some 60 meters under the hotel.

“So Scandic Continental will be a true communication hub for visitors to Stockholm. Access to Arlanda Airport is also extremely convenient. You can actually travel all the way from Miami directly to the hotel in a tee-shirt even in winter! Every day, there will be some 60,000 travelers passing through the mall that surrounds the ground floor of the hotel”, says Peter Storckenfeldt who is General Manager of the new hotel.

A strong heritage

The new Scandic Continental is actually the fourth hotel at the same prestigious location. The former hotel was also a Scandic hotel for almost 20 years. But it had to be demolished because of the gigantic underground work required to build the new commuter train station.

The property owner is Jernhusen. The company owns and runs railway stations and other buildings attached to the railway network in Sweden. To them, it is important that the new building and its activities represents “continental Stockholm”. Scandic is carrying that heritage further.

The new Scandic Continental will offer a 50 percent increase in room capacity compared with the old hotel. Focus is on business travelers and conferences. The 25 conference rooms of the hotel has a capacity to accommodate up to 900 participants at the same time.

Really on top of the city

When the weather permits, the 11th floor sundeck will be open for outdoor workouts and events. There is also a unique rooftop bar & terrace on the 8th floor with great cocktails, food and music. Here, guests can enjoy an incredible view of the capital cityscape and glittering water all year round.

The ground floor accommodates a lobby bar and a coffee shop, while the Market flagship restaurant is situated on the first floor. It features an organic vegetable buffet combined with a rotisserie and dessert table.

The long waiting is over

“After years of preparation, we were finally ready to welcome our first guests on April 1. We at Scandic have been eagerly looking forward to this moment for a long time. And it really looks that our guests had been waiting for it as well”, concludes Peter Storckenfeldt.

Scandic Continental overview

  • 392 hotel rooms
  • 25 conference rooms, largest for 300 people
  • Rooftop bar
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Sundeck
  • Restaurant
  • Café & bar