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Our corporate social responsibility

Scandic's operations affect people and society in many ways. The importance of acting as a reliable, long-term hotel operator, partner and member of society is obvious to us and an important part of our responsibility. It also gives us the opportunity to help make a difference. Through sensitivity, compassion and responsible behavior towards our guests, employees, partners and local communities, we strengthen our role as a hotel operator and employer.

Within our corporate social responsibility lies a targeted effort to provide our employees with a safe and stimulating work environment. In addition to taking good care of them, we aim to contribute in various ways to the communities in which we operate.

In 2001, we started to form and formalize our involvement in society when we began meeting with employees at our hotels at what evolved into extremely popular events. This led to a series of active measures during the years where our employees’ interests have steered activities to a certain extent, often with close links to the local communities around our hotels.

Our social responsibility is also about ensuring that all of the products and services we buy are produced and delivered under good working and production conditions. This has among other things resulted in the fact that Scandic’s breakfast buffet at most hotels consists of a selection of organic products, as well as our commitment to serve only Fairtrade or UTZ-certified coffee as we do at most of our hotels.