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Scandic Rubinen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Our business

An attractive hotel concept with a local touch

Scandic is the largest hotel operator in the Nordic region. Our business idea is to manage hotels within the mid-market segment. Close to 70 percent of our revenue comes from accommodations and 30 percent from conferences and food and beverage operations.

Our customer offering is extremely popular among business and leisure travelers as well as people who visit us just to eat, work or socialize. We are constantly developing our concept to create the best hotel experience possible. In recent years, the design and whole environment at our hotels has become increasingly important for our guests to enjoy themselves, feel at home and be happy. This, for example, has meant that many of our lobbies have evolved to function as “living rooms” where our guests can work and socialize.

In 2016, we launched our first signature hotel: Haymarket by Scandic. Signature hotels will be characterized by their individual history and personality, developed as clear social meeting places and marketed under their own hotel names with the extension “by Scandic”.

We also have a strong focus on developing our customer offering when it comes to food and beverages. Scandic’s “köksbaren” restaurants are a popular and successful concept that is available at our hotels on major routes in the Nordic countries.

Scandic is constantly working to improve its food and beverage offering by providing organic options. During 2015, Scandic launched a children’s menu that includes only organic ingredients in the Swedish market and in Norway, all Scandic hotels now offer an organic Debio Brons-certified breakfast.

Our guests very much appreciate a good hotel breakfast and it was with great pride that Scandic accepted the award for Norway’s best hotel breakfast 2015.