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Job vacancies

Here at Scandic, we are looking for team members with the ability to make guests feel at home as soon as they put down their bags in the hotel lobby.

Below is a list of positions that are vacant at the moment. We hope you will take the opportunity to apply for a job at Scandic.

Kock, Scandic Plaza, Umeå, extra vid behov

Kock, Scandic Umeå Syd, heltid

Hovmästare, Scandic Umeå Syd, deltid

Fastighetstekniker, Scandic Plaza, Umeå, heltid

Receptionist, Scandic Umeå Syd, deltid

Receptionist, Scandic Plaza, Umeå, deltid

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Umeå Syd, deltid

Serveringspersonal, Scandic Umeå Syd, extra vid behov