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Introducing the new Haymarket by Scandic

Introducing the new Haymarket by Scandic

Introducing the new Haymarket by Scandic

Introducing the new Haymarket by Scandic

You come to Haymarket by Scandic not only to stay overnight, and not only to sleep. It’s more than a hotel – it’s a destination. Created for the choosiest guests of the 2020ies in a building originating from 1925. A classic hotel and a pulsating meeting point. All in one.

The roaring twenties created for the new twenties

Lars Sandberg, who is the General Manager of the new hotel, is taking us on a quick sightseeing tour: ”You’re immediately struck by the avant-garde design that’s cleverly mixed with art deco elements. Details from the original building are carefully saved or restored to create the 2020ies, without losing touch with the 1920ies. In the entrance, you say ’hello’ to the statue of Paul U Bergström, honoring the founder of the legendary department store that housed this building for close to 100 years. This spirit is revived in the exiting event area of the hotel as well in the pop-up shops of the lobby. There is even a life-style concierge who can guide guests to find exactly what they want in one of the world’s most exiting fashion cities.”

“Entering the lobby is stepping into cosmopolitan Stockholm. You’ll find cafés, bars and restaurants that connect closely to the story of the hotel and its surroundings. Choose between a quick macchiato, a longish lunch or an evening with oysters and champagne. Upstairs, there’s an extensive, characteristic American brasserie and a bar reflecting the American drink hilosophy with Caribbean influences”.

The Garbo heritage

Lars Sandberg continues: ”It was actually in this building that Greta Gustafsson was discovered to become Greta Garbo with the entire cineastic community. So, it’s not by chance that the cinema world plays a central rôle in the Haymarket hotel and you meet references to it everywhere in the building. The event area is perfectly designed for fashion shows, movie premières and special events linked to the movies. You’ll also find the hotel’s own intimate cinema where you can enjoy old favourite movies”.

“When you finally decide to withdraw to your room, you’ll meet an interesting blend of patterns from epochs passed, modern furniture materials and innovative photographic art. On the pillow, you’ll find your goodnight literature – a book about the movies in the 1920ies. The Garbo story is all there. But before you go to sleep, I think you should visit our roof terrace. It will present a wonderful view of the city and I’m personally already looking forward to our new year’s eve Great Gatsby Party”, concludes Lars Sandberg.

Haymarket by Scandic overview

  • 405 hotel rooms
  • Meeting & event floor with 6 conference rooms, biggest for 130 people and 600 people in mingle party
  • American bar with music scene
  • Gretas Café
  • Pauls American Brasserie
  • Garden gym
  • The Grand Terrace Suit for events and private parties.