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Germany – A window of opportunity

Germany – A window of opportunity

Germany – A window of opportunity

Germany – A window of opportunity

With 230 hotels and 44,000 rooms, Scandic is the Nordic region’s leading and largest hotel operator. Our ambition is to continue to grow with a rate of 2– 4 new hotels every year. Focus is on the Nordic market combined with a strategic and selected expansion in Germany. We strongly believe, that with the best minds in business, we are built to be the long-term partner of choice for progressive landlords in the growing German hospitality industry.

Our Nordic DNA

The Nordic way of doing things has been in Scandic’s DNA since its inception over 50 years ago. But we don’t see our concept limited to the Nordic geographical area. It is equally adaptable to corporate and private travelers in other parts of the North European hemisphere as well. Since many years, we have a platform in Germany and our landlords’ experiences have been very positive. Hotel guests at our two hotels in Berlin and at our hotel in Hamburg do appreciate the Scandic concept. We want to build on this success and are on the outlook and active to find further suitable locations for extending our presence in the German market.

What we can offer

Why, then, should a German property owner team up with us? There are lots of reasons! We have a winning concept that our guests like and appreciate. We have an unsurpassed experience of working with our property owners. We have a wellproven business model based on strategic and long-term relationships with our landlords. We know what they expect from us as hotel operators, and we deliver. Scandic has made a strategic decision to focus on long-term lease agreements. Commitments on investments are shared between Scandic and the property owner. The benefits from the lease model together with our commercial and operational excellence has a proven, resilient and solid financial track-record over a long period of time.

What we are looking for

To develop and open a new hotel is one of the most complex enterprises you can undertake. We know this process in detail from the first initial meeting to the long term development of a hotel. We want to get in touch and co-operate with property owners that truly understands the German market and know the obstacles and opportunities. We are primary interested in establishing new hotels in the largest cities. We are also keen to take over and transform existing hotels in larger regional hubs. All to get a stronger foothold for Scandic in the German market.

Our new German connection

To facilitate interaction with us, we have recently established a Director for Business Development in Germany. Her name is Sylvia Schnelle and she will be based in Berlin but covering the entire German market. She has a solid background for her task with over 15 years of experience in acquisition, development and management of properties and operations in the hospitality business. So, if you are a German property owner who is looking for and feel there is an opportunity to meet and discuss, you know who to contact. You can easily get in touch with Sylvia Schnelle on or on phone +49 151 226 29 727.