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HR Manager on personal development

Benedikte Böttger, HR Manager, Denmark. Benedikte Böttger began working for Scandic in 1999. Since then she has held various roles in the company, including conference and booking assistant, hotel manager, sales and marketing officer before ending up in HR.

Today she’s a HR manager whose responsibilities include organising training programmes at the Scandic Business School.

Why would you recommend Scandic as an employer?

– It is an amazing organisation to work for. Scandic is a stable employer where you’ll have excellent development opportunities and the chance to work with great colleagues.

What do you need in order to be happy at work?

– Interesting and varied tasks and great colleagues. I like to surround myself with people who are driven and positive who help boost team spirit.

What does ‘good service’ mean to you?

– True interest in your guests, not trying to do several things at once but giving the person you’re dealing with your undivided attention. Often it’s about giving people more than they expect.

What qualities do you value the most in those working for you?

– I like working with people who have a positive outlook and who see opportunities and challenges rather than problems. It’s a bit of a cliché, but a crucial quality nevertheless. And of course, in this industry it’s very important that you’re a ‘people person’.

How do you feel Scandic performs in terms of professional development?

– With 230 hotels, we’re the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region and there’s plenty of scope for development within the organisation. I’m a good example of that myself. The opportunities are there for those who want to take them and there are training opportunities for all areas: from hotel management and administration to sales, marketing and HR.

What do you remember most from your first few years with Scandic?

– My background was in the academic world and I was excited about going into the hospitality industry. I was attracted by the positive atmosphere and got to meet a lot of people who enjoyed going to work every morning. That has stuck with me; the positive atmosphere and the feeling that I am continuously developing alongside Scandic as an organisation.

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