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Housekeeping Manager about laughter at work

Angela André, Housekeeping Manager, Scandic Norra Bantorget, Sweden. Angela André began her career with Scandic as assistant housekeeper and now works as Housekeeping Manager at Scandic Norra Bantorget in Stockholm. She applied for work with Scandic when her previous employer, a competing hotel chain, ran into problems during the financial crisis.

– I liked working in the hotel industry, but wanted to work in a larger and more stable organisation that offered better development opportunities.

What do you need in order to be happy at work?

– I need to be able to take pride in what I do. It is also important that my staff are happy. I find it very satisfying to know that they’re happy and doing a good job.

What qualities do you value the most in those working for you?

– Conscientiousness and team work skills. I have 24 people working under me, and I need to be able to trust them. We also need to be able to communicate and have fun together.

Why would you recommend Scandic as an employer?

– Scandic offers me the opportunity to develop on a professional level. They offer internal courses and training schemes as well as the flexibility that comes with working for a large hotel chain. There are more than 20 Scandic hotels in Stockholm alone.

When do you most enjoy your job?

– All the time. We’re always laughing. I enjoy working with different kinds of people, both guests and colleagues. In the summer we often have guests from abroad staying with us. I’m inspired by their experiences, needs and wishes. Before starting work every morning we exercise together for ten minutes. That’s a bit unusual, but it’s a great way to start the day on a positive note!

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